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Hello! So glad you made it here! Here’s a few words of introduction. 

#mydailydose gifts are all about sharing my joy of creation. The pieces are a result of losing myself in the creative process and enjoying myself immensely.

They are also an invitation for you to ease up, take a breath and think about something nice, allowing yourself to smile. Reminding yourself of your fab that  is always there.

I hope you have fun exploring the gifts. They are here for you to enjoy and to remind you of the ultimate gift only you can give yourself.

Thank you so much!

Why Choose #mydailydose Gifts?

Authentic Only

Made by a Human

Free Shipping

Postage included

Reliable Quality

Neat and durable


Made on demand


The products and services offered here are characterized by the following:

  • AUTHENTICITY means offering original and human made designs.
  • RELIABLE QUALITY and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY happen in cooperation with you. While we take care of the quality base products and the designs, please note that the products are made on demand, meaning especially for you based on the order you placed. This means there are no produced stocks in the warehouse, thus helping to reduce random overproduction. We trust you to make thoughtful purchasing decisions. In order to guarantee your satisfaction please don’t delay checking your items. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.
  • The PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. As the on demand production happens worldwide and in the closest location to the client, any possible additional import taxes should be kept to a minimum

About the artist. 

I am a part-time abstract artist living in Tallinn.

I love to explore colors, light and how art comes to be. 

My art is all about the process. Diving into creative flow is always exciting and fun. Its an easy way for me to release resistance and uncover a space within that I truly enjoy – a space bubbling with aliveness, allowing me to see things in their true light. 

The pieces that come to life as a result capture some of that vibe. I am happy to share by using them in designs.

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