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What is this #findyourfab business?

Isn't it obvious? It's all about finding a better feeling, a lighter mood, a higher vibe. Because nothing is more important. Because sometimes we may forget that, put other things first, get lost in the drama, wondering in a while about where our happiness went.

So I invite you to get your priorities right. Mundane on its own is boring. Get in tune with that deeper goodness of life, #findyourfab before all else and allow yourself to receive the magic.

Start right now by easing up on yourself, taking a breath, finding a way of seeing things through a more positive angle, thinking a thought about something that feels nice and allow yourself to smile.

Life will respond in amazing ways, remember, it is not separate from you but just a mirror. It will come to meet you with breathtaking synchronicities as well as show you interesting stuff that's been lurking within you, that you'd want to shed. Being aware of your fab makes it is easier to swiftly release the negativity that has bullied and limited you.

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