#mydailydose MANDALA MAGIC COLORING BOOK to spark your imagination


Created by Inna Inanna
Format: 240mm×240mm, 48 pp. Spiral bound.
Topics: Creativity, self-help.
The price includes shipping to Estonia.
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The book covers are in Estonian.

The coloring book is compiled of author’s own mandala designs and suits all ages.

An easy way to #findyourfab – surrendering to your imagination and opening up to your own uniqueness. The coloring areas of the mandalas are large enough to be broken up into smaller ones to reveal new patterns and potential color combinations.

Diving into mandalas is always an extraordinary experience. It pulls us out of the jungles of the mind into peace and clarity, helping to tune us from the wavelength of the problem to that of the solution. Or add even more momentum to the good feeling that is already present, allowing for unparalleled feeling of satisfaction with yourself and the world.


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